Friday, October 1st

"There are thoughts that are prayers. Ther are moments when, whatever the posture of the body, the soul is on its knees." Victor Hugo

Coach Dunn had a very restless night and morning. He was very agitated and wanted to go to the school. With his mind, he acknowledges he can't go, but his heart still wants to be there.

Someone asked me yesterday if he can talk and walk. He can do both but he's very weak and prone to falls. Part of this may be medication which is controlling the pain, but a lot of it is from not eating very much. He has some very clear moments and when he does, he still likes being in control. Some things never change.

Please continue to pray for Linda, Marty and Casey as they manage his care. Marty especially wanted me to thank all of you for your kindness and help with food. It's easier to manage his constant care without the distraction of the door or phone.
Thanks for praying ( and loving and caring and serving),

Finally, sweet Edie Romano (B.C.'s mom) sent her very specific prayer request today.Having been through Hospice with a beloved family member, she is praying for the Dunns as follows;
Courage in time of fear,  peace in time of turmoil,
comfort in time of sorrow,  relief in time of
suffering,  guidance in time of decision,   and
rest in time of weariness

Amen and Amen,