Monday, October 4th

Tuesday's golf baseball meeting has been postponed until 10/12 at 530.

Dawson has been inundated with hundreds of calls and requests for reservations. There are NO reserved seats for the funeral except for 7 center aisle rows for the Dunn family. That means that all faculty, coaches, players, friends (me included), etc. are on your own for seating- just like a state championship game.The sanctuary holds 1800 and there are 300 overflow seats in the fellowship hall. The high school will dismiss at 1200 on Wednesday so that students and faculty may attend. The church has construction going on in the back parking lot so you have to use the parking deck across from the sanctuary.

I've had requests for Casey and Marty's address: 115 W. Hawthorn Road Bham, AL 45209 and for Mike and Tina Dunn 3098 Altaloma Cove Bham, AL 35216.

There's a wonderful tribute to Coach Dunn by Ray Melick in tonight's Birmingham Post Herald.

Thanks, Donna