Wednesday, Sept 1st

Coach Dunn's new treatment plan includes a 2 week chemo break to try and let his body recoup from the latest round of chemo. A CAT scan will be done on Friday to see how effective this chemo regimen has been. His counts were up a little bit, but he had lost some more weight and just felt really bad. He's trying to get the new building going at the field- this will give the B team and freshmen a locker room so he begged Dr. Rinehart for a reprieve.

He hasn't been sleeping well so please pray for some much needed good, quality sleep.

When I opened my mail today, Graylyn Belle Waggoner's birth announcement and picture greeted me. I love Scripture and the verse that Jay and Courtney had chosen for Graylyn was Psalm 118:23 "This is the Lord's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes."

On a final note, please pray for Robert. The Augusta Greenjackets are scheduled to play in Savannah this weekend for a 4 game series to end the season. Hurricane Frances is scheduled to hit somewhere between Florida and SC this weekend and we would covet your prayers for his safety.

Thanks for praying,