Sunday, Sept 12th

Coach Dunn had a wonderful birthday on Saturday. The baseball seniors "flamingoed" his yard with farm animals. Sam tried his best to ride a sheep and hugged a chicken. Somebody just left mums on the porch and balloons in the yard. Other people brought banana puddings and other comfort food. His mom, Betty, took the family to dinner at Costas. When they finally got home last night, they checked the mail and couldn't believe how many cards he received. Thanks to all who made him feel very loved and special.

He is running fever at night and very tired. The fever really zaps his energy and makes him ache as if he has the flu.

Congratulations to Jamie (Eddie) and Elizabeth Harris who are the proud parents of son Jackson who was born last week. Jamie is coaching baseball at Spain Park.

Thanks for continuing to pray. Once again if you visit, please keep it short.