Thursday, Sept 23th

Coach Dunn is resting comfortably today. Hospice brought some oxygen and that has helped as has the adjustment in pain medication. Linda had a migraine today but Sammy still has a sense of humor as he reminded me that he's the one who is really sick. He was kidding but we all had a good laugh about it.

Casey and Marty have been a huge help, manning the phones and door. Thanks to those who have respected the Dunn's privacy during this time. Many of you have provided banana bread, muffins, doughnuts, etc.. just left them on the porch with a card or note of encouragement. Linda and I have called these acts of kindness "God's tender mercies," reminders that God is in the waiting too.

Over the last several days, my heart has been heavy with the emotional toll of the circumstances. I was folding clothes and praying at the same time-, when James Bruce came tripping down the hall singing "I Need Thee Every Hour." Truer words were never spoken.
Thanks for praying,