Monday, Sept 27th

"Strong willed" was the hospice nurse's assessment of Coach Dunn today. Linda told her she should have seen him before he got sick.

If you would like to help with food for the Dunns, please contact Melissa Gunnells at 979-6631 or email her at Melissa has graciously agreed to coordinate this ministry. We don't want to get too far ahead but she needs a list of folks to call from week to week. She asked me to put a few meal "groundrules" in place:

1. Plan on food for 3-4 people. Simple one dish meals are great.
2. Please bring food in disposable containers.
3. Just leave the food on the porch sometime between 5-6pm. You can call ahead if you like, but please don't plan on visiting.

Linda has shown tremendous strength and grace under pressure through all of this. She asked me today to let you know how much she appreciates your prayers and support. Part of her has worried lest she offend anyone by the "No visitors" request, but her desire to protect Coach Dunn outweighs any criticism she faces. I gave her my life verse, Mark 14:8
"She did what she could." and told her not to worry about it. She truly as done what she could under very difficult circumstances.

Thanks for your help and prayers,