Thursday, Sept 30th

"I am aware of their sufferings." Exodus 3:7

There's little change today. My tendency is to question God and ask "how long or why?" Those kind of questions don't get me very far, but this morning's verse reminded me that God knows exactly where the Dunns are in this journey. Another comfort came last night when I was picking up in the kitchen. I heard James Bruce and Bruce singing hymns as Bruce put JB to bed. The last one they sang was, "God will take care of you." When Bruce came into the kitchen, I asked him who selected it. He responded with "Brucie picked it."

Some of you have written to express appreciation for the emails. I can honestly say, this thing is totally beyond me. Only God could take a beloved coach with terminal cancer, an autistic, mentally retarded child who loves music, and a working mom with a telephone aversion and turn it into something that informs, organizes, motivates, and/or inspires. God chooses what He uses. As Henry Blackaby says, "God is always at work and He invites us to join Him." It's just a privilege to have a part.

Finally, sweet Edie Romano (B.C.'s mom) sent her very specific prayer request today.Having been through Hospice with a beloved family member, she is praying for the Dunns as follows;
Courage in time of fear,  peace in time of turmoil,
comfort in time of sorrow,  relief in time of
suffering,  guidance in time of decision,   and
rest in time of weariness

Amen and Amen,