Thursday, Sept 9th

"Though our outer man is decaying, yet our inner man is being renewed day by day." 2Corinthians 4:16 (NAS)

Coach Dunn got a blood transfusion today at Kirklin Clinic. He is still going to the high school in the afternoons for 7th period athletics and overseeing the construction and turf building projects.

Marty wants me to thank everyone for their prayers and concern for Sam. He is fine- just a little dent in his head from the fall.

Many of you have called and asked what you can do. We are not organizing  a meal schedule as such because Coach Dunn is basically eating one meal a day. Sometimes it's instant oatmeal and sometimes a peanut butter sandwich on raisin bread. Some people have brought potato soup or chicken pie or other comfort foods, but everyone is just doing it as you feel led to do so. If you do take food, keep it simple and think small portions or gift certificates for take out.

Other people, especially former players. have asked about going by to see him, prognosis, etc. The doctors have said weeks-months, but then again they said 6 weeks 18 months ago. The best time to catch him is at the high school in the afternoons around 2-3pm. Cards are great and prayer is always needed. His address is 2505 Skyland Dr Bham,AL 35243.

As you pray, please pray that both of them would have some quality time together. Pray for minimal pain, and peace in the middle of this storm.

Thanks for praying,