We're adding a new section to the website called, "Where Are They Now?" Former players are invited to fill out the online questionnaire. You can answer any or all of the questions. We'll post the answers here on this page.
We hope this new section will help you catch up on what's been happening with your former teammates and keep in touch in the future. It might even help you network in business.

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Favorite game (or series of games) and why:
What's the most important thing you got from playing for Coach Dunn?
What impact has playing for Coach Dunn had on your life?
If you could go back to your playing days would you do anything differently?
What would you say to the young men playing for Vestavia today?
Which college are you (did you) attending?
What is (was) your major?
Are you still playing a sport?
If out of school, where are you employed?
Describe your job?
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